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Patient Information


Referral & consultation

You can arrange an appointment with Mr. Bhagat by contacting his secretary at the hospital that you wish to see him. Most referrals can be seen within two weeks of enquiry and urgent referrals can be accomodated depending on circumstances. Please bring any previous documents, investigations and imaging such as X-Rays or MRI/CT scans you have that are related to your medical problem. If your scans are done in a differnet hospital, then please bring a CD along with you. Mr Bhagat would be happy to provide consultation without your GP referral letter, however, it is advisable to obtain one from your GP or physio for insurance purposes. Mr Bhagat will correspond with your GP to keep them fully informed.


Private medical insurance

If you have private medical insurance (PMI), please obtain pre-authorisation for the consultation from your insurance company before your appointment with Mr Bhagat. You may be advised to have further investigations such as an MRI scan. Depending on the results of the investigations, you may be further advised for injections or surgery. If you have private medical insurance cover, you will need authorization for the operation from your insurance company who will check the extent of your cover. Mr Bhagat is fee assured with most of the insurance companies, including BUPA, AXAPPP, Vitality, Aviva, WPA, Helix, Signa, Benendon Health and most others. Hospital fees are billed to your PMI company by the hospital. These fees usually include nursing, room costs and theatre. Consultant fees are separate to hospital fees. Spine and Rheumatology Associates (SRA ltd) will bill you or your PMI directly for the specialised care provided by the consultant surgeon. You or your PMI will be charged separately by your consultant anaesthetist. Before your procedure, Mr Bhagat's secretary will provide you with the code (CCSD) and the consultant fees which you can use to obtain preauthorisation from your PMI. You will need to confirm with your PMI company how much of the consultant fees will be covered under your policy. 


self-funded treatment

Please note that the consultation fees for Mr Bhagat will not exceed £204 for new patient consultation and £144 for a follow up consultation. If you are having an investigation, you will need to find out the exact cost of that investigation from the relevant department/hospital. Mr Bhagat and his secretary can give you a rough estimate of the prices. If you are having a procedure/operation, then we can provide you with an 'inclusive fixed price package'. This will include all professional fees, follow up appointments, inpatient physiotherapy and the cost of complications relevant to the procedure during the 6 week period post-operatively.

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